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The August 2015 New York Times publication of “Inside Amazon” exposed multiple realities of the workforce environment from one of the largest US companies for the world to see. The general public saw perceptions and realities of the onboarding processes, work-life balance, the lean production environment, cultural pride in becoming an automaton, an emphasis on brutal critique, and more. 

Bezos himself has characterized the culture as “friendly and intense, but if push comes to shove we’ll settle for intense.” In response to the NYT article he  told workers: “Amazon won’t tolerate ‘callous’ management practices” and “I don’t recognize this Amazon and I very much hope you don’t, either” while elsewhere stated “my main job today: I work hard at helping to maintain the culture.

I’m not sure that any company culture has been publicized so frankly in recent history (“bruising workplace”), but then if one steps back a bit, movies about Steve Jobs persist, and these are general perceptions of the workplace for many companies.

This case study raises questions:

  • What are the internal and external perceptions of your company workforce, and of your internal and external brands? Are they recognizable as the same company?

  • How do you effectively create, manage and recreate your company culture? Are the values aligned in the leadership and culture?

All of this press and policy changes indicate the changing nature of business in the US and globally, the pressures to drive productivity and capitalize on labor in an increasingly competitive labor market for high skills, and the roles that leadership, performance management and values have in leveraging culture change

The opening keynote will set the stage for continuous discussion of these themes throughout the Exchange.

The CHRO Exchange provides one of the most credible forums for Chief Human Resource Officers to share ideas and the real world solutions to many of the challenges that they are facing. The Exchange continues its ongoing tradition of offering cutting-edge, interactive and tailor-made learning opportunities for senior practitioners to gain actionable insights and stay ahead in this ever-changing talent environment.

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What's New for the 4th Edition?

Come prepared to interact and engage around critical topics such as:


Addressing the Gaps: What CEOs think CHROs should be doing vs what they’re actually doing


The Changing Nature of Work: How does a company mobilize talent to get things done?


The HR Technology Landscape: How are new disruptors challenging this 15B market?


What Is Replacing Annual Performance Reviews and What are the Results? Six percent of F500 companies have gotten rid of annual performance review rankings, and this is just the beginning


Culture and Workforce Transformation at the DoD: Hear from the CHRO of the Civilian side of the DoD


Best Practices for Employing an Aging Workforce: Talent Constraints- what are they, and how are you making your company a great place to work for your aging workforce?


The Decline of Employer-based Healthcare in the US: Most people agree it’s not going to last; how are you preparing for what comes after?


The GAP SA (Growth Acceleration Plan Stretch Assignment) Strategy for Leadership Development: Does your company have the bench to open new markets on demand?


Update on Major Policy and Legislation Fronts: Risk Mitigation and Compliance


Insider Threats to Cyber Security: An HR legal perspective


Cultures and Business Transformation: The Inside Amazon Story and How it may Relate to your Company

What Distinguishes this Event?

The CHRO Exchange presents the opportunity for delegates to network and build partnerships with peer level professionals, while learning new ideas and strategies that they can replicate within their own organizations, to build a best practices culture. The Exchange has the following distinguishing features:

  •  Customized Itinerary
  •  One-on-One Business Meetings
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